TWL06 (US, Canada and Thailand) Yes 9 Points
SOWPODS (UK and Others) Yes 9 Points
Enable (Words with Friends) Yes 9 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is rich a word in Scrabble?

    Yes, rich is a valid word in scrabble.As per TWL06 dictionary it has 9 points,As per SOWPODS dictionary it has 9 points.

  • Is rich a word in Words With Friends?

    Yes, rich is a valid word in words with friends. As per Words with Friends dictionary it has 9 points.


meaning: people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group);
examples: only the very rich benefit from this legislation
synonyms: {rich_people}
meaning: affording an abundant supply;
examples: had ample food for the party; copious provisions; food is plentiful; a plenteous grape harvest; a rich supply
synonyms: {ample}; {copious}; {plenteous}; {plentiful}
meaning: pleasantly full and mellow;
examples: a rich tenor voice
meaning: marked by richness and fullness of flavor;
examples: a rich ruby port; full-bodied wines; a robust claret; the robust flavor of fresh-brewed coffee
synonyms: {full-bodied}; {racy}; {robust}
meaning: containing plenty of fat, or eggs, or sugar;
examples: rich desserts; they kept gorging on rich foods
meaning: suggestive of or characterized by great expense;
examples: a rich display
meaning: high in mineral content;
examples: having a high proportion of fuel to air; a rich vein of copper; a rich gas mixture
meaning: very productive;
examples: rich seams of coal
meaning: strong;
examples: intense; deep purple; a rich red
synonyms: {deep}
meaning: marked by great fruitfulness;
examples: fertile farmland; a fat land; a productive vineyard; rich soil
synonyms: {fat}; {fertile}; {productive}
meaning: of great worth or quality;
examples: a rich collection of antiques
meaning: having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources);
examples: blessed with a land rich in minerals; rich in ideas; rich with cultural interest
meaning: possessing material wealth;
examples: her father is extremely rich; many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles
Source of definition(s) is WordNet ® Princeton University wordnet.princeton.edu
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