TWL06 (US, Canada and Thailand) Yes 12 Points
SOWPODS (UK and Others) Yes 12 Points
Enable (Words with Friends) Yes 14 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is observe a word in Scrabble?

    Yes, observe is a valid word in scrabble.As per TWL06 dictionary it has 12 points,As per SOWPODS dictionary it has 12 points.

  • Is observe a word in Words With Friends?

    Yes, observe is a valid word in words with friends. As per Words with Friends dictionary it has 14 points.


meaning: conform one's action or practice to;
examples: keep appointments; she never keeps her promises; We kept to the original conditions of the contract
synonyms: {keep}
meaning: stick to correctly or closely;
examples: The pianist kept time with the metronome; keep count; I cannot keep track of all my employees
synonyms: {keep}; {maintain}
meaning: follow with the eyes or the mind;
examples: Keep an eye on the baby, please!; The world is watching Sarajevo; She followed the men with the binoculars
synonyms: {watch}; {follow}; {watch_over}; {keep_an_eye_on}
meaning: behave as expected during of holidays or rites;
examples: Keep the commandments; celebrate Christmas; Observe Yom Kippur
synonyms: {celebrate}; {keep}
meaning: show respect towards;
examples: honor your parents!
synonyms: {respect}; {honor}; {honour}; {abide_by}
meaning: watch attentively;
examples: Please observe the reaction of these two chemicals
meaning: observe with care or pay close attention to;
examples: Take note of this chemical reaction
synonyms: {note}; {take_note}
meaning: make mention of;
examples: She observed that his presentation took up too much time; They noted that it was a fine day to go sailing
synonyms: {note}; {mention}; {remark}
meaning: discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of;
examples: She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water; We found traces of lead in the paint
synonyms: {detect}; {find}; {discover}; {notice}
Source of definition(s) is WordNet ® Princeton University wordnet.princeton.edu
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