TWL06 (US, Canada and Thailand) Yes 15 Points
SOWPODS (UK and Others) Yes 15 Points
Enable (Words with Friends) Yes 18 Points

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is irregularities a word in Scrabble?

    Yes, irregularities is a valid word in scrabble.As per TWL06 dictionary it has 15 points,As per SOWPODS dictionary it has 15 points.

  • Is irregularities a word in Words With Friends?

    Yes, irregularities is a valid word in words with friends. As per Words with Friends dictionary it has 18 points.


meaning: merchandise that has imperfections;
examples: usually sold at a reduced price without the brand name
synonyms: {second}
meaning: a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment ;
synonyms: {guerrilla}; {guerilla}; {insurgent}
meaning: independent in behavior or thought;
examples: she led a somewhat irregular private life; maverick politicians
synonyms: {maverick}; {unorthodox}
meaning: (of a surface or shape);
examples: not level or flat or symmetrical; walking was difficult on the irregular cobblestoned surface
meaning: lacking continuity or regularity;
examples: an irregular worker; employed on a temporary basis
synonyms: {temporary}
meaning: deviating from normal expectations;
examples: somewhat odd, strange, or abnormal; these days large families are atypical; atypical clinical findings; atypical pneumonia; highly irregular behavior
synonyms: {atypical}
meaning: failing to meet a standard of manufacture due to an imperfection;
examples: an irregular pair of jeans
meaning: (of solids) not having clear dimensions that can be measured;
examples: volume must be determined with the principle of liquid displacement
meaning: (used of the military) not belonging to or engaged in by regular army forces;
examples: irregular troops; irregular warfare
meaning: not occurring at a regular rate or fixed intervals;
examples: an irregular heartbeat
synonyms: {unpredictable}
meaning: contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice;
examples: irregular hiring practices
Source of definition(s) is WordNet ® Princeton University wordnet.princeton.edu
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