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You can use to find valid words from dictionaries such as SOWPODS/TWL06, and use them to score high in Scrabble and beat your friends. This can help if you are new to the game or trying to win with some help from

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We will get all valid words for Scrabble Scrabble word finder works flawlessly. We love to play Scrabble and understand all the fine details. We will find all valid words from dictionaries of your choice along with their scores.

Find words for Scrabble starting with, ending with or containing specific letters search engine will help you score maximum points in any game situation in scrabble. You can find valid words starting with or ending with or containing any specific letters. You can use our wildcard search when you just need to find specific letters to add to complete the word.

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Wordfinder Productivity Scrabble Word Finder Using this scrabble word finder you will win games by scoring high by generating valid scrabble words online.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to cheat at Scrabble ? has the best online Scrabble cheat. Just type in the letters available, and submit. We will search our huge dictionary for valid Scrabble words and show them to you. The words returned will be grouped by their length, and you can see their points as well. You can use these words to improve your game situation and win the game with a little help from us.

  • How can I generate words for Scrabble from given letters?

    You can use' Scrabble Word generator to generate valid words for Scrabble. It iterates over Scrabble dictionary, at a blazing fast speed and returns valid words which can be formed using given letters. You will never lose in scrabble if you use scrabble solver !

  • How many tiles are in Scrabble?

    There are 100 tiles in Scrabble. The distribution of tiles among letters is not even. For example there are only one J, K, Q, X, and Z in the game. These tiles are assigned high points and you can increase your score by using these letters while forming words.

  • How many I tiles are there in Scrabble?

    There are 9 I tiles in Scrabble.

  • How many letters do you get in Scrabble?

    Each player get 7 letters to play the game.

  • How many S tiles are there in Scrabble?

    There are 4 S tiles in Scrabble.

  • Can you use names in scrabble?

    Rules of scrabble have been changed recently. Now proper nouns are also allowed in scrabble.

  • How many squares are there on a standard Scrabble board ?

    Standard scrabble board is square in shape with 15 rows and 15 columns. There are total of 225 squares on a standard scrabble board.

  • Can you use abbreviations in scrabble ?

    As per official rules of scrabble, abbreviations are not allowed.

  • How many blank tiles are there in Scrabble?

    There are 2 blank tiles in scrabble.

  • How many E tiles are there in Scrabble?

    There are 12 E tiles in Scrabble.

  • How many V tiles are there in Scrabble?

    There are 2 V tiles in Scrabble.

  • How to create words instantly with this online tool?

    It is a web browser tool that can be used on any latest device and platform such as Android, iPhone, Windows, iMac or tablet for FREE. All you have to do is open it in any browser and type the letters in the search box and use various filters to instantly create words of any length. This smart tool would immediately display the results by using a dictionary of your choice TWL06 for US, Canada and Thailand with SOWPODS for the UK and other countries.

  • Why is Scrabble an important word game to play?

    Playing scrabble is one of the best ways to enrich your vocabulary and learn new words with ease. It has lots of benefits like it increases your focus and improves memory that will make you a more smart orator or writer by being proficient in the language. With this scrabble, you can connect with your family, friends or new people with whom you usually do not spend time in person.

  • Will it increase my IQ level if I play it regularly?

    There have been lots of studies conducted which suggest that when you play scrabble then the certain area of your brain becomes more active and it might also be responsible to improve your memory power with increased level.

  • Does it help people with neurodegenerative disorders?

    As mentioned above several studies suggest that it helps in delaying dementia if played on a regular basis. It might not cure the disease but decrease its progress and most importantly it increases cognitive performance by helping you interact with other people from around the World.

  • What are my chances of winning if I use this online tool?

    If you use your best skill along with this online tool then your winning chances are higher.It acts as a helping hand that you can use for free without any limitations.

  • What are the basic rules to play scrabble?

    To play a scrabble word game first of all you need to have at least one more player to play with and maximum four players to create words, earn points then challenge the opponent. You can place the word, pass or even exchange the tiles. This game involves a game board on which words are placed with points attached to each letter that is used in the game and you have to create the word. In the game board there are 100 tiles but you can create words only in 98 tiles as there are 2 blank tiles which lets you take the place of any letter of your choice. All letters in the game have different point values attached to them. Whereas blank tiles do not have any point values! The opponent who has the letter in the closet can begin the game and pick 7 letters to create a word and then other players can do the same. Whoever creates the first word on star spin gets double points then players can create words in a right direction around the scrabble game board.

  • How do I score more than 350 points regularly in Scrabble ?

    Scoring more than 350 points on a regular basis in Scrabble is not an easy task, but if you can use our online then your chances of scoring more than 350 points is quite easy. This tool instantly searches for the valid dictionary words and gives you the best results immediately to win the game.

  • What are 6 tricks to play scrabble like a pro?

    First of all you need to make a strategy that will take you to score high and reach new levels which are usually hard to achieve. Keep ready in your browser and follow the below 6 tricks which can even make a novice player play like a pro. 1. It is always better to pass the turn, if it is taking too long for you to find out the right word as it is always better to get more options rather the waiting in the queue that decreases your scoring chances 2. Focus on the game board instead of earning points by memorizing two and three letter words this short word strategy could earn more points if placed correctly 3. Try to create and learn new words rather than reviewing words as it increases your chances to score better 4. Stay calm and do not fear the knowledge of your opponent as you have this smart online tool with you that will help you to quickly find words starting with or ending with or containing any specific letters. 5. Carefully watch your opponents moves and make a game plan to disrupt the strategy 6. Make more use of prefixes and suffixes, it will help you to memorize and create new words

  • Is it okay to use this online tool to find words for playing scrabble?

    Yes, according to the basic rules scrabble game you can look up for words in a dictionary, so this tool only goes through the online dictionary and suggests the right word.

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